"the rising hero and the crackling water"
>sculpture:eleni papaioannou > visuals:peggy syloop > sound:giovanni longo (2004)
First presentation > VJ Festival Contact Europe, Cafe Moskau Berlin 2004.

The work is a room installation that combines a video projection and a slide projection on a moving scuplture. The film as well the sound material are created with digital mediums and shows a virtual space which imitates a natulal environment. The rythm of the sound is random and depends on the movement of the picture. The slides shows geometrical drawings of different natural structures.
The form installed in the room is a white nylon monumental sculpture connected with a ventilator which causes the movement of the form. It develops slowly from the horizontal dimension towards the space and disappear with the passing of time. Its random, indeterminate motion contrasts with the strict and precise white-cube room as well with the projected structures on the moving sculpture. The accidental form is threatened by the determinate, and equally, the determinate is threatened by the accidental.
Our intention is to expand the borders between videoframe and space and to connect the immateriality of the virtual space with the materiality of the real space.

> Installation view <
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© Eleni Papaioannou, 2004