security station
site specific installation, 15 digital photos (21cm x 29cm), Sound, 2003.
29.01-01.02.2004 Art-festival Projektionsflachen - verlassen Sie den Raum ?! Giessen, Germany.

Security station is a site-specific installation that took place in a bunker built during the Second World War by the National Socialist army to protect its soldiers.
In the first room of the bunker 15 digital photos of different objects normally associated with safety (such as plasters, a life buoy, a muzzle etc.) were displayed. These objects were juxtaposed with the sound of airport announcements about security regulations at the airport. By extracting these familiar elements from their everyday context and re-contextualising them in the bunker, I wanted to draw attention to the ambiguous nature of ‘security’:
how protection can disguise dangers, and how security notices are not only a means of guidance, but also a form of nannying. These seemingly 'harmless' objects and announcements placed within the confines of the bunker, which serves as a reminder of the control imposed by and on the soldiers, change character and create for the viewer the feeling of safety as discomfort.