Site specific - sound intallation in the port of Lavrion, Greece. (2001)
(14.09 - 16.09. 2001) Medi@terra _De-globalizing / Re-globalizing , Produced with the support of medi@terra festival 2001.

The visitor views particular points in the city and details unseen by the naked eye. By aiming at particular points the s/he listens to sounds.
The processed sounds create a new spectrum purely dependent on the movement of the telescope.
The telescope functions as a c o n n e c t i n g tool, a bonding element between the three spaces the visitor simultaneously experiences: the space where s/he is standing, the space s/he is viewing through the telescope and the space created through the sounds s/he is listening to.

(Technical support by Andreas Polides)

>Clik here to hear the sound<


© Eleni Papaioannou, 2001