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site specific installation > Jose de Villareal, Legazpi Madrid.
4 chanel speakers, plastic tubes, aquarium plants, water > dimensions: 4.00 X 5.30 X 0.90m, 2007

Heterotopia is a large scale sculptural and sonic installation, which simulates the garden environment. The installation consists of plants, which are growing together and are linked to speakers from which the visitors hears people of Legazpi neighbourghood describing their ideal landscape.
Heterotopia functions partly as a place where wishes are expressed and partly as a labotary / plant nursery, investigating the visitors perception of an other environment in relation to actual space and time.


>about the exhibition>

supported by the intermediae's Creative Art Grants Programme and by the Arts Area of the City Council of Madrid.

© Eleni Papaioannou, 2007